2011 : A year in review…

2011 – Well, what a year that was! Not only having to deal with an earthquake that threw everything into turmoil here in Japan, I think 2011 in general was a pretty bad year for everyone. Hopefully 2012 is going to be better! The graph above shows the Top 20 mixes that have been played over the past year. Although there was a 9 month break hopefully you will find the mixes coming back again!

Many thanks everyone for listening, playing and downloading the mixes!


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  1. Chris

    So glad to have the mixes coming again. They are like the soundtrack to my life and make me want to get out there and just enjoy life. Thanks for mixing these for our enjoyment!

    2012.01.22 @ 08:23

  2. dan

    It’s always good to get the new tunes from you! I just love them and brings me back to Tokyo nights. I hope you are doing well. Please send my regards to your misses.

    2012.02.08 @ 19:33

  3. Michael Luthuli

    Hi Fleep;

    Man! your Mixes are totally insane, I’m so grateful to find a site of sheer pleasure in music. You are making grounds tremble dude, keep hittin us!!!!

    Much love;


    2012.03.17 @ 23:22

  4. Rainier Amara

    Fleepster over heres’ been checking in every day for a new mix…and as always, definitely worth the wait :)
    Keep doing what you do brother.. The force is strong!

    2013.03.18 @ 01:05

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